Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Painting Challenge - Update 10

Aniseeds bedtime story ... How to fix a broken tap!!

She has a hard life!  lol

Painting 56

 I had to give Basil hair for my own amusement.
(To cut a long story short - his face didn't look right to me - I've seen and used Red's gender switch before.  This version of him has different eyes strangely) 

Now I am very amused!!
Aniseed, who did not receive an IF doll ... found Cuddles on the carpet and started to play with her.
She is now sat in his inventory ... bugging nobody, especially not Basil.

Lavender and Wiggles make a seed

The community lot opposite has now been rebuilt.
Basil gets a job at the music theatre.

Lavender and Wiggles get a job at the sports stadium.

I'm beginning to think Basil has a problem.  He is eating cake again - and this time Cuddles didn't give it him, he bought it himself at the cafe.  Two pieces he ate before he went home.

Red is annoying me now - she is painting nothing new - just duplicates.  At the moment I am doubting that she will complete this challenge in her lifetime!!

Especially as she is very distracted at the moment by two things.
Basil playing his guitar .... and ....

.... Wiggles!!
They now are constantly flirting with each other.

In fact there is a sudden shift in atmosphere and relationships.  Suddenly Basil and Lavender are stuck together like glue.

I forgot about this photo of Red and Harry.

After taking a class in fishing - Aniseed spent some time messing about in the photobooth.  The poor kid is bored not having school to go to.

I am not really sure how and why Aniseed is wearing that hat and glasses!

I guess the head gear is pretty clever!

More duplicates

Painting 57

I am not sure I like what seems to be happening between Lavender and Basil ... it feels a little creepy.

Even though they have been brought up as brother and sister - technically they are not blood or genetically related.  While Harry was alive they were classed as step siblings - now that harry has gone, they are just acquaintances.

Painting 58

I decided that Lavender and Basil - Red and Wiggles need splitting up.   So I am planning to move Lavender and Wiggles out and into their own house.  As Red wants to plant forbidden fruit seed again, I decided to let her, which Lavender and Wiggles are going to pick and any babies take with them.

Reds garden is virtually empty - she has totally neglected it.

I send her out to collect seeds ... she gets very distracted.

And now we see the real Red ... put her in a room full of men and off she goes ... flower kissing and flirting with ALL of them.

Wiggles is also getting it

Painting 59

I hear woohoo music ... expecting it to be Lavender and Wiggles

but no ... it is Red and Wiggles.
I should have known she would get her claws into him sooner or later.

Painting 60

The forbidden fruit are nearly ready to be picked.

Thought it was nice the three of them doing something together

Painting 61

Red is still recieving a lot of calls from Drew - they are good friends but surprisingly she has not rolled any romantic wishes.

Painting 62

Painting 63

Aniseed has his birthday and becomes a teenager

The game gave him an automatic trait = dislikes children

This is going to be fun .. NOT!!
Especially when he starts clashing with Red because of their trait incompatibility!!


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