Saturday, 18 June 2016

Painting Challenge - Update 9

Cuddles is back out on the carpet, in doll form, how she is spending most of her time now.

Lavender and Wiggles are pretty much inseparable .....


How cute - they have become romantically attached without me interfering!!

Of course she wants to make him real!!
Thanks for the potion Basil!!

He is cute!!

I am amused by his traits
Loves the Outdoors - Green Thumb - Athletic - Artistic

Flower kisses

They seem to be well suited, their Athletic trait appear to be their main one.


I hear lots of yelling and find Basil and Cuddles at it big style.  I can quite imagine she is having a go at Basil for not making her real , like Lavender has made Wiggles.


You slap me and I'll slap you back!


Basil gets his but kicked by a stuffed doll!!

Poor Basil!!
First he gets beat by a girl ... then along comes Red and puts him in 'time out' for fighting, with his imaginary friend who she can not even see and doesn't believe exists!!   That makes sense EA!!

FINALLY!!!!  We are half way!!

Painting 50

Wiggles is keeping himself very busy cooking and taking care of Aniseed.  Red is no longer mourning and seems to have grown bored of Aniseed again.

Its a good thing for Aniseed to have another eating sim in the house - at least he will get meals cooked for him.  The plants are never going to do it.

Yeah - they both have the artistic trait - which is going to make Red jump on him!!

Now we have someone else hogging the easels, slowing down Reds painting ... like it isn't already slow enough!!

Wiggles is stood in a puddle of water - I'm not sure why.  Basil comes along and cleans it up by absorbing the water ... I hope Wiggles didn't pee himself to create that puddle!!

The garden is looking very neglected - I am surprised that Basil and Lavender have shown absolutely no interest in the plants outside yet!!

Aniseed has his birthday

He gained an automatic Computer Wizz trait

and jumps straight onto the computer.

Red is stir crazy so I sent her out - hoping she would come back in a better mood and start painting again.

And away she goes - the first guy she spies - she is flirting with him!!  He was not impressed!!

She spend the rest of her time out just sat on a bench reading.

The trip out did cure her problem - but all she painted was a run of duplicates

Lavender now seems to be spending all of her time fishing - she has chosen the LTW - Renaissance Sim. 
I am hardly seeing her and Wiggles interact with each other.  There relationship seems to have cooled right down.

Painting 51

Busy with their homework - or is it sucking up to Red, only Aniseed actually went to school on time, the three teens tried to skive off.

Aniseed is also now hogging the easels

Painting 52

They finally remember they are supposed to be in love - but it doesn't last long - one hug and they go their separate ways.

Painting 53

Basil is building his guitar skill up, and has decided he wants to be a Hit Movie Composer.

Painting 54 

The computer is broken ... and in walks a cuter than normal handyman ... Drew

Is it me or does he look spookily like Harry!!

Painting 55

Finally Basil shows some interest in the garden.

Oh no!!  You are seriously not flirting with a teenager!!!
She is!!

I can see trouble brewing!!

Another duplicate

She receives a phone call off Drew

I had a bit of a problem with the file - the game kept freezing solid at 9.30am.  I restarted the game about 5 times and every time it did the same.  I suspected it had something to do with the kids going to school, so I deleted the two community lots and that seemed to fix the problem.

So the town is now without a school for the time being.

Drew seems a little obsessed because he is phoning quite a lot - more than just once a day.

Having no school to go to - Aniseed is keeping himself busy painting.

The three teens don't need school any more - it is birthday time and they become young adults.

Basil received an automatic Socially Awkward trait

Lavenders turn

Lavender recieved an automatic Charismatic trait.

Finally - Wiggles

He received the Brave trait.

Oh I forgot ... Cuddles puts in a rare appearance  - to age up.

then she goes straight back to sitting on the carpet in doll form. 
Just look at that face - so sad!!


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