Thursday, 23 June 2016

Painting Challenge - Update 12

Painting 73

Red is turning out to be quite a doting Grandmother.  I wander why she is not like it with her own children?

Painting 74

Basil sends Erik a secret admirer text

and Erik sent Basil a gift in the post

Aniseed is filling the house up with all the strange gadgets he is making on the inventing table.

Fennel is in his element, playing with all the new toys that Aniseed is making for him.

Aniseed has now mastered the inventing skill

I hadn't realised he had made a time machine until Red and Aniseed started rolling wishes to use it.

Aniseed and Red both went into the past on a little adventure

Painting 75

I spotted Lavender and Rosemary over the road on the community lot.  Wiggles was on there too watching one of the magicians performing.  I noticed he is a 1 star celebrity.

Painting 76

Painting 77

It's Reds birthday - she became a mature adult


Harry is out again - but I expected him tonight, they do tend to appear when someone is having a birthday.

I thought he might start fishing, but he made a wish instead.

Then he went after Red ... for the usual ... woohoo.

I am amused that he chose to use the time machine.

Red now has another forbidden fruit seed. It is amusing that Harry is continuously trying for a baby, even still!!

Basil has been playing with Fennel for most of the morning

I never expected what has just come out of the time machine!!

Deena - Harry and Red's daughter!!
So plant sims CAN have children made in the conventional way, after all!!  That is a little EA oversight!!
Red always finds a way to fill the house up with children - but this is a new one for her!!

Denna is completely human and a young adult
Traits - Loner - Dare Devil - Virtuoso - Genius and Computer Wizz.

Genetically she has inherited Red's plant hair colour - Harry's eye colour - and I can see both of them in her facially.

Deena has also connected the family tree back together - Harry and Red her parents, Basil and Lavender her half siblings, Fennel and Rosemary her niece and nephew. 

I know Basil - I can't get my head around it either!!

Painting 78

I am not sure if this is the game having a laugh, or just one mental coincidence  - Deena's sleep wear given to her by the game!!  It is actually quite fitting for her, her mother being a plant sim.

Fennel has ventured outside.  He is constantly playing with Cuddles, it will be interesting to see if they become friends.  I am not even sure that an IF will attach itself to another child other than the one it was assigned to.

Basil and Deena are jammin together

Deena now has a job at the theatre with Basil.  Amusingly, Basil is her boss.

The computer is broken so the repair man is called.
Drew turns up and straight away the heart farts start flying between him and Basil.  Red is obviously not into Drew because she leaves him alone ... or does she know something that we don't yet.

Basil wants to hang out with him, and there is no time like the present.

Any excuse for Basil to eat food and he jumps on it!!

Yeah that boy is so gay!!

And so is Drew ... which I never expected!!  Amusingly Drew has the Green Thumb trait ... just like Wiggles and Harry!!  Obviously that trait must give them a plant fetish - lol.  It looks like Basil might have found himself a boyfriend!!

Painting 79


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