Sunday, 26 June 2016

Painting Challenge - Update 14

Red and Harry's time child number two.

Joy is a teenager
Frugal - Light Sleeper - Schmoozer - Dare Devil

Yes Red ... you have done it again haven't you!!

Don't you just love default brown hair - yuk!!
Her eye colour too is a little strange and I can't work it out.

Red and her two human plant daughters
I thought it would be amusing to dress them up in plant clothes

Basil wants to take their relationship to the next level

So they get engaged

The gnomes are continuously breaking the sinks, bath, toilet, shower and all in one bathroom, so I make good use of drew who wants to upgrade things - he is making the household appliances unbreakable - once he's fixed them!!

Its autumn and Red is on her pumpkin carving hype again

moody teenager in the house!

Not in front of the Mother ... she doesn't like it!!

Red seems to have forgotten her way to her easel - painting is none existent at the moment.  She keeps finding other things to do.

I'm sure that nectar is not going to taste very nice - fruit squashed with dirty shoes!!

Just Aniseed being Aniseed!!  Insulting Drew for no reason other than he just walked through the door.

Wedding rings

and they are off to celebrate

Now I'm laughing, because if I don't I'll cry ... Basil and Drew both waved into the time machine as they backed out ... that usually only means one thing - that they have left a child behind.  They don't even have the option to try for a baby - so I doubt that will happen.

Lavender rings the door bell and comes for a visit.

You are wasting your time Lavender - you won't get any sense out of those two - they are too busy with each other!!

At least Red is pleased to see you!

Its a bit too cold to be watching the stars

as Deena will tell you - she is now blue from frost bite!!

Red has finally found her easel again ... but its only a duplicate

Cuddles is out again.  Aniseed has dumped her, obviously they are never going to be friends.  I think she is destined to always be a toy doll!!


Painting 88

Just when I think I have seen everything in this game .....
I clock Aniseed stick something to the fridge - I don't have a clue what it is ...

until it blows up!!

Whatever possessed him to blow up the fridge and set the kitchen on fire??

Its just a good job Joy is here and on free will tries to put out the fire !!

(playing wishacy, which is how I always play - you just sit back and watch, you are not supposed to tell the sims to put the fire out - you have to let it run and play out on free will.  I've lost big chunks of families this way, because none of them have tried to put out the fire.  Thankfully Joy stepped in to do it this time.)

They are all there now, but none of them help her!!  Thankfully she managed to put the fire out completely without anyone getting hurt.

What is Drew doing - lecturing Fennel on the dangers of playing with matches - lol  I must say I'm a little amused by a wish that Basil had just rolled - he wants to see Aniseeds ghost!!

Now Aniseed is kicking off because he is hungry and there is no way of getting food!!
STARVE!!!! ... you are the idiot who blew up the fridge!!

I made him clean up as punishment - then put the new fridge in when he had virtually finished.

Then it happens ... what I never really expect ...

A Basil and Drew offspring walks out of the time machine!!  Rick.
Rick is a completely human young adult - Flirty - Natural Cook - Genius - Easily Impressed  and Artistic.

and as usual they are oblivious to what is going on around them!!

Oh ... but he is very cute!!
Rick has inherited Drew's eyes - Basils skin colour and his Grandmothers hair.

Deena =  "I see you and Dad have been at it again!"

Red =  "Not guilty, your Dad has not been out for ages!!  He is your Nephew - your brother and Drew are responsible for that one!"

Getting to know Dad ... one of them

The first think Rick does after eating - he makes a beeline for the easel.  Great - we now have another one hogging the easels and slowing down Red's painting!!

Painting 89

Red wants to collect Rick's DNA

I don't know what she is planning to do with it, but whatever it is, it is not happening!!

The house now has 8 residents - Red  - Basil - Drew - Fennel - Aniseed - Deena - Joy and Rick.  No more room at the inn!!

Who needs a bed when you have a time machine...

... and a hot tub!!

I am trying to work out who Rick looks like the most - but I think he is a nice mix of both of them.

Painting 90
only 10 to go!!

Fennel getting into trouble for skipping school

but he thought he was entitled to seeing as today he is having his birthday

Basil watching TV with his two boys.

I, like the rest of the house, am getting very annoyed with Aniseed!! His relationship with everyone is now into the red, he is not friends with anyone.  He is continuously attacking everyone with insults, with Joy in particular they are very close to physical fights.

So I thought it was about time I moved him out into his own place on his own.  He is now living in the house next door to Lavender, Wiggles and Rosemary.

Bye Aniseed. 
Unfortunately, I don't think anyone is going to miss you!!


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