Friday, 24 June 2016

Painting Challenge - Update 13

Painting 80
only 20 to go

There is a whirl wind romance in progress - so Drew has now moved in.

Drew is Socially awkward - Handy - Hopeless Romantic - Green Thumb - Athletic.  Ive never seen a sim with the socially awkward trait before, now I have two of them because Basil has that trait too.

They seriously don't leave each other alone.

Drew moving in gives Red another portrait to paint

Painting 81

Harry is out again and haunts a few things (the candle)

It doesn't take him long to find Red - for their usual woohoo.  I swear that is all he comes out for!!

He chose the time machine again - which didn't impress me much - I can quite see them filling up the house this way!

Denna gets to watch her parents antics

but at least she gets to meet her Dad

Basil and Drew are using the time machine a lot too - but at least, with them, I don't have to worry about any surprises walking out - no same sex pregnancy - there is no chance of them making any offspring!!  I Hope!!

Painting 82

Drew and Basil are both spending time with Fennel, they are not neglecting him.

Aniseed however, can not stand the toddler even singing to Cuddles.  Aniseed is spending most of his time in the basement and away from Fennel.

Fennel has his birthday

The first nice trait that the game has automatically given out - Fennel received the neat trait.

Straight away he proceeded to do a well needed tidy of the house from top to bottom

Basil returns home from work to find his little boy grown up

just some random pics - which I take out of boredom because there is a lot of duplicates being painted again at the moment.

Basil is the only one who bothers with the garden occasionally, Red has lost all interest in it.

Fennel is still playing with Cuddles but there is no sign of her wanting to come out as his imaginary friend.

Aniseed has his birthday

He is now a young adult.  It is like having Harry back, but not, because Harry and Aniseed have two totally different characters.  He gets the grumpy trait which just tops him off quite nastily!!

Painting 83
a not very good portrait of Denna

The Aliens come for Red again

Getting abducted seemed to do her good in a painting sense

Painting 84

Painting 85

Painting 86

Aniseed is annoying me in a lot of ways.  He is now a miserable grouch who is upsetting and fighting with everyone, especially Fennel who he shoos out of the room every time he walks into it. 

He really only ventures upstairs to eat or play on the computer, and is spending the rest of his time in the basement - hating the outdoors and children I think is what is keeping him down there.  He has also annoyingly started to paint a lot too - but the most annoying part while Red is continuously painting duplicates, he is painting picture that Red hasn't!!

This is one of Aniseeds paintings that I ANNOYINGLY can not add to the count!!

Where did that come from?!
Red having a strange and random thought about Wiggles.

Fennel has decided he wants to learn the writing skill - that is not going to impress Aniseed, he won't be able to get near the computer now!!

Painting 87

Drew wanted a nectar making machine - his LTW being a bottomless nectar cellar.  So to save sending him to France - I put a nectary register on the community lot and waited until they had one to buy.

He did all the upgrades before he started working on making nectar.

Fennel brought Rosemary home with him from school.  They are best friends and genetically there is nothing stopping them from getting together to make other plants.

They were happily doing their homework until Aniseed came up to eat and shooed them outside.  (he is really mean to the children!!)

Harry kills me!!  I've never seen a ghost so obsessed and interacting with another sim so much before!!  All he does when he comes out is makes a bee line for Red.  Red is actually killing me too, because besides her little blip of flirting with all the men inside the community lot building, and her episode with Wiggles, she has been VERY WELL BEHAVED ... which is so not Red!!!

and they end up in their usual place - trying for a baby in the past!!

How cute - they go and play in the sand pit together!!

Before Harry has even left .... here we go again!!

The time machine opens and out walks Joy!!


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