Saturday, 18 June 2016

Painting Challenge - Update 8

This is one of my favourites out of all the sim paintings that I have seen ... I don't have a clue why!!

Painting 46

Red, surprisingly doing her bit ... she gets Aniseed out of his crib to feed him.

Now I am nervously watching Harry's every move, waiting for it to happen.  This is the part I hate most when you have got yourself attached to a sim!!


Painting 47

Watching a romantic movie together

A spring gnome appears on the front door step during the night.  I wander why they didn't get a winter or autumn one!?

The next day and Harry is still with us.

Washing up his breakfast bowl, he gets soaked ... that is what happens when you have teenagers in the house pulling pranks.  Lavender has booby trapped almost everything that she can!!

Red gets the chance to try and do another portrait of Harry.

This portrait is definitely a lot better!!
I will not be including this in the painting count even though it is being hung up on the wall.

I am sick of this painting - four times now she has painted this one!!
The only good thing about all these duplicates - she is earning quite a nice living off them, when they are sold.  £3,000 she got for that duplicate.

Basil and Lavender are constantly doing their thing.

Basil playing his guitar

Lavender is working out

Painting 48

Two days over his expiry date - and it finally happens.
The twins are at school.

Grimmy comes to collect Harry.

Yes Red - he has gone!!

I dread to think what she is going to do now!!  Harry has kept her very grounded - she is normally running around town being unfaithful and jumping on every man she sees!!

Just out of interest - according to the woohoo skill - they woohooed 87 times and they made 42 forbidden fruit seeds which are now sat in Reds inventory.

What to do?!  Go inside and paint that damn fruit painting again!!

Red has gone a little cuckoo and keeps snuggling Aniseed, when she hasn't bothered with him before.


Yes Red we know!!
(His grave has been left in the back garden so we will be seeing him again)

I had not even realised but Harry maxed his fishing skill before he popped off.  This arrived in the mail the day after he left us.

Lavender seems to have taken over from Harry, she is now constantly fishing when she is not working out.

Red is moping around a lot watching tv and actually looking after Aniseed!!

The boys watching tv together.
I hope Basil is not teaching Aniseed how to be a couch potato!!

Painting 49

We now seem to have two spring gnomes.

A suspicious looking powwow
I hope they are not plotting mischief!!

Red has now maxed her gardening skill

And here comes the glitch I hate the most!!
Because Basil has picked up Cuddles while in doll form and put her into his inventory - we are now being bugged by a human version of the IF doll.
(I wish I knew how to stop this happening!!)

And as usual she is up for a fight!


I had hoped to end this update with the 50th painting - the half way mark - but it is not happening right now.


Rest In Peace Harry


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