Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Painting Challenge - Update 11

Painting 64

The forbidden fruit plants are ready to be picked.  I spotted Wiggles having 'no children' dreams, so I decided not to have him pulling one of the plants.

I thought Basil should have a child and hopefully it might distract Basil from watching the TV so much!!
So Basil pulled up the first one - his plant was a baby

A boy - Fennel
Fennel's traits - Athletic - Green thumb

Much to my relief - Lavender also pulled up a baby.  I really wanted her to take a baby away with her.

A girl - Rosemary
Rosemary received the same traits as Fennel - Athletic and Green thumb.

I moved Lavender, Wiggles and Rosemary into their own house on the other side of the island.  No doubt we will be seeing them again.

Now Basil is really going to have to step up to the mark and take care of his son!!  Red won't take care of her Grandchild and Aniseed ... he definitely won't not liking children!!

Fennel received an IF in the post. 

Basil is hanging around outside his work and getting to know Erik and Eliseo, who are always hanging around on the community lot - Erik is a consignment merchant and Eliseo is a paparazzi.

Mmmm interesting!!
He seems to like Eliseo

While Basil is at work, thankfully Red is taking really good care of Fennel, which I didn't expect.

Don't you just love wishacy!!  The house is always so damn messy!!

Finally!!  Harry's ghost puts in an appearance.

He really amuses me - he acts exactly like he did when he was alive - he disturbs her from her painting because he has only one thing on his mind!!

So that is 88 times and he obviously opted for try for a baby, because they made a forbidden fruit seed!!

Harry eats, some of Aniseeds awful cooking, then disappears back into his grave.  Aniseed is now having to learn how to cook his own meals now that Wiggles is no longer here.

Painting 65

Fennel is now a toddler

Basil is turning out to be a really good Dad.

I bet you will never guess what they are doing right now!?

Yes!!  They are watching the TV together!!

Red is painting a lot of duplicates again.  She has now earned over 50,000 from her duplicate paintings.  Just as well because her gardening career is going nowhere!!

Aniseed is dividing most of his time between the computer and the inventing table.

He sets himself on fire quite often - but he always puts himself out. (In the strategically placed all in one bathroom only yards away :))

Painting 66

The toddler stage is my favourite - and I always take too many pics of them.  Well something has to keep me amused while Red is painting all her duplicates!!

Fennel is posing while Red paints his portrait.

Painting 67

This one is even worse than Harry's first portrait!!

Cuddles has reappeared!!  Aniseed must have taken her out of his inventory.
Her relationship with both Basil and Aniseed must not be good which is keeping her in doll form.

Red is now on a portrait hype - it is Basil's turn.

Painting 68

and we must not forget Aniseed

Painting 69

Aniseed seems to have a new friend following him around

Fennel has now found Cuddles and is playing with her.

It wasn't until then that I realised, I have never seen Fennel playing with his IF, and that it is actually glitched!!!  (The IF is in Fennels inventory but is also showing sat in the crib.  I could not interact with the IF in the cot or in his inventory ... so I ended up deleting it.)

It looks like Cuddles might be about to have her third shot at getting a friend

There is another bang down in the basement because Aniseed has blown himself up again!!

Notice in the background, Red is painting yet another duplicate

Basil finally gets round to teaching Fennel to walk

Painting 70

Pillow fight

Red is watching kids tv with Fennel.  That boy is watching a little too much tv for my liking - I hope he doesn't turn out to be a couch potato like his Dad!!

Painting 71

Basil gets a phone call off Erik asking him out on a date.  I'm a little amused by it, and sent him on the date, to see what he would do.

I have half suspected that Basil might turn out to be gay, because of how he reacted to Eliseo.  I have only seen him get heart farts when it comes to other men, and at work he gets the 'positively orgasmic' mood-let, and he only works with men.

The autonomous flower kiss kind of confirms it.

The date was a little short and sweet.  They flirted and chatted for a while ... then Basil became distracted ....

with food

By the time he finished filling his face with cake, Erik had gone home.

He managed to grab himself $2,000 out of the prize machine before he went home, so the date wasn't a total disaster!!

Painting 72

Only 28 to go :D


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