Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Painting Challenge - Update 15

The new paintings are coming very very slowly now ......

Painting 91

I am not sure why - but suddenly everyone in the house keeps thinking about the gnomes.  Then we have this weird gnome kicking session - they all have a go - it kind of becomes a sport with everyone.

I see Lavender and Rosemary running up the road.  Strangely Rosemary is still a child, when Fennel has grown up naturally in the game.

Rosemary comes trick or treating.
Fennel and Joy go to prom and they are both crowned king and queen.

Red earned an extra trait.  Like an idiot I gave her the neat trait, hoping she would take some of the pressure off Fennel and we might see him doing something other than housework.  Not thinking, Red now busy cleaning something else to take her away from her painting

Painting 92

Rick goes to the community lot - to buy some recipe books - his LTW being culinary librarian.
No sparks flying there - but then she has just been taking part in public woohoo in the photo booth with one of the paparazzi guys.

Rick goes to talk to the consignment merchant, but he gets distracted seeing Aniseed.

I'm surprised Rick interupted his reading to talk to him seeing as their relationship is in the red.

I spot Rosemary outside - she has finally grown up into a teenager

or is she supposed to be a rabbit??

Nine times out of ten - Red is only painting duplicates

Harry is out again.

No guesses to where they are heading ... a sign there is a space in the house after Aniseed moved out!!  Harry intends to fill it!!

I think it is really cute how Harry doesn't leave Red alone for a second while he is out.

Not once - but twice they used the time machine!!

and inevitable out comes their third time travel child.

Joline is a teenager
Excitable - Book Worm - Hopeless Romantic - Schmoozer

Don't even go there Rick ... Joline is your Aunt!!

After a make over

Joy is sleeping on the community lot rather than being in school.

Red had an opportunity - to deliver Harvested fruit to Rosemary.  She found her on the community lot opposite.

she also found Wiggles!!

Now I'm not impressed - interacting with Wiggles who is a 2 star celebrity - Red has gone and got herself a celebrity star.  The joys of being famous = the paps constantly trampling your garden!!

She is getting quite a collection of DNA

She makes me laugh - she is all over Wiggles when she sees him - but doesn't roll any wishes to interact with him otherwise.

Red bumps into Aniseed

Now she is regretting wasting her time even trying to talk to him - all he does is lay into her!!

It's snowing

Rick is a maniac painter just like his Grandmother, he is rarely very far from an easel.
He annoyingly, like Aniseed, is painting a load of pictures that Red hasn't.   
All of his paintings are going into his inventory for future use - I might carry this on to 200 with Rick :D

and Red is painting the same old duplicates - over and over

I found this amusing - Deena didn't pick a very good place to play her guitar

She wakes Basil and Drew up

I swear she is laughing

It never stops with these two either.

Drew:  You have serenaded us now sling your hook ... or do you want to watch?

FINALLY we are getting a new painting!!

We haven't seen Fennel for a while - but there are only so many times that I can show someone constantly doing the housework.

You be careful ... your face might stick like that!

Painting 93

I'm still not confident that she is going to do this in her life time!!  She will be elderly very soon (giving her only 17 days left) - her time is very quickly running out!!


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