Thursday, 16 June 2016

Painting Challenge - Update 7

So Red wants to clone a sim using DNA.

Harry's DNA goes into the machine ....

and a baby comes out.

Even though this little boy will be a physical clone of Harry, he will have his own traits and personality - so I gave him his own name, not wanting to call him Harry too.

Sticking to the plant/herb/flower theme -

Aniseed's traits - Hates the Outdoors and artistic

Red:  "Now how quickly can I dump this one and start working on the next?!"
Me:  "No chance lady - three is your lot!!"

Painting 36

It is a shame that this little clone is technically parent less - he is just an acquaintance on everyone's friends list.

It is birthday time for the twins.
Amusingly - during their child hood they only actually went to school twice due to snow days giving them the rest of the time off.

Lavender received an automatic trait - slob

Basil also received an automatic trait Couch Potato

I thought I might at least have been able to chose a trait for Basil seeing as he has maxed his logic skill - but no!!

I really don't understand why the game has given then horrible automatic traits - unless it was due to their poor school grades which they never got the chance to improve because of the snow days!!

It did not take long for both IF's to join them in teen age.

Just another fight going on with Cuddles and Basil

Another duplicate - three times she has painted this one.

Basil is eating again.  This time I caught Cuddles giving him the food ... and he is obviously stupid enough to eat it!!

Lavender has taken to the new baby - which is a good thing really for Aniseed.  Red as usual has left the child care to everyone else, Harry's days are numbered so Aniseed is going to need someone to take care of him when Harry has gone.

Aniseed is now a toddler.

Red and Harry are now on a mental seed producing run - they never stop!!  Hense why there is not a lot of painting being done!

Lavender spends a lot of time with Aniseed, while Basil has been no where near him.  Basil is definitely Red's son alright!!  lol

Basil is way too busy constantly watching tv to be doing anything else!!

Painting 37

Harry and Lavender take care of all Aniseeds child care.

and skill teaching

Spring is here so they are back to tending the plants

Painting 38

I lost Basil and found he had planted himself on the community lot - not sure how he even managed to wander across the road.

Painting 40

Basil wanted a guitar - so I quickly got him one - sick of seeing him doing nothing but watching tv.

I think Basil has learned how to tell Cuddles to leave him alone, because I have started to see her sitting around on the floor a lot in doll form instead of large and bugging Basil.

Lavender is also neglecting Wiggles a little more now - she is constantly making use of her athletic trait - running on the treadmill or working out in front of the tv.

Painting 41

Don't mind us!!
You carry on playing your guitar while we have a quicky!!

Painting 42

Bogey picking and flicking ... I just love that interaction.

The first time Red goes near Aniseed since she pulled him out of the science machine.

Painting 43

Basils new guitar obsession is keeping him away from the tv and giving others a chance to use is.

Painting 44

Red decides she wants to paint a portrait - so Harry gets the job of posing.

That painting is really not looking good!!

The finished portrait is awful!!

Painting 45

As I watch them sitting outside watching the stars I check on Harry's age.

He has one day left on his age bar (gulp)

I wander if they know that .... tomorrow is D Day?


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